Dyeing Experiment #2

Oven Dyeing with unspun fiber I came across some oven dyeing instructions and decided to first take a gander with some fiber before I take a leap of faith and dye the HUGE skien of 2 ply sock yarn I have been spinning up for the past week. I wound it off my spinnin wheel onto the niddy-noddy that I had made recently with PVC and I found that it makes skiens that are almost 6 feet long!!! I am gonna have to adjust that. I don't like such huge skiens as I find them hard to work with.

I love these colors together!

Oven Dyed sock yarn My sock yarn came out wonerfully! The purple and red mixed together A LOT which made this wonderfull dark red berry color. Then on one end there is pur blue and pure purple. The only thing I did not expect was the alpaca ply did not dye as much as the wool. It must not accept dye as easily but it created still another neat-o effect-Tweed!

This is definatly going into the fiber workbook I have going (a place to store the color combination experiments I try, place samples of dyed yarn, and to keep knitting ideas in...kinda like a fiber artist scrapbook I guess). Posted by Picasa

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