Had a really strange dream last night...

The BF even said I was moaning and grunting. Of course his manly brain instantly surmises that I must be dreaming about sex. WRONG!

It was wierd...I was on trial, a big very publicized trial. I was being accused of being a vampire. Although to the best of my abilities I could not convience the jury of peers that I was not a vampire and that I had not been bitten.

Since I was hopelessly locked in a trail I had at that point no chance of getting out of as a free person, someone came up to me and convienced me since everyone was already convienced I was a vampire, that I should just become one.

Yep, I took that line and this person turned me. Although the details are sketchy as to how that happened...apparently all I had to do was drink a glass of his freshly poured blood to be turned. Now traditionally, because I am a freek for vampire stores and legends, the victom is drained and then "refilled" with the vamps blood and that is supposed to be a mix of the victoms blood and the vamps.

Since I was struck by lightening, I was fantasizing last night how cool it would be to have developed some sort of super-natural power because of it. I think that is what led to the dream, but not completely sure.

Until next time...

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