Why I no longer knit socks for soilders...

Because the owner of the group is a complete computer illiterate moron. She emailed me up and accused me of deleting a file I did not have rights to. This is a yahoo group and by default only the owner of the file and the owner of the group can delete files. Obviously, the file was not mine so how the hell was I supposed to delete it.

It seemed to me that she was thinking since I downloaded the file, edited it, added it as a seperate file, that somehow since I downloaded the file it had been deleted and edited. It's a copy moron!! When you a file download from the web, it does not remove the file, it's a copy...MORON!

She is thorouly convinced that since I uploaded two files-one I named "***_edit" because it was an edited version of what I created originally from the file in question-was the orginal file she was looking for and she wanted me to repost the original! Idiot! Even after explaining all that, she was still convienced and accusing me of deleting the file she was looking for! Well fuck you bitch!

I went to the group before unsubbing, the file she was looking for was there so I dunno what the fuck was going on.

I deleted all my files I had added and contributed to the group before removing myself. I don't need that shit, no one does. No wonder she has people upset with her who have left the group and protested against her...she's an idiot!

Until next time...