Jar Dyeing for the First time

This is my first attempt at Jar dying.

And these are the results . I think it came out really well considering it was my first try! I had layered yellow, red, blue, and purple from the bottom up. The red seemed to travel all through the jar and mixed with the other colors to make shades of green, orange and brown in some places. I LOVE THE RESULTS!! It came out better than I had ever expected! I like both extremes: the blue, purple and reds; and the yellow, oranges, greens and reds...so earthy!

Now I cannot wait for it to be dry so I can card and spin it up! I wonder how it will end up....

This blog was my inspiration to try it.

Until next time...

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  1. That turned out really good, I like the colors, let us know when it spun up and as I am kind of wondering what it will look like.
    Once again, a really great job.


  2. pretty, pretty stuff! I'm so excited that people are using me as inspiration to do all kind of fabulous stuff! YAY!
    rita n/

  3. I cannot wait to do this! This looks so great!

  4. This is simply amazing. I want to do all this, alas, work and studies are holding me back. I can't wait until December when I graduate.

  5. WOW

    I can't wait until December when I graduate to try this stuff. I miss spinning and dyeing so much. . . I also miss knitting and absolutely adore your cabled hats. My hands are already itching to try some from the mystery fiber I've been stealing time to spin.


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