rita's g-string at celticharpanddrum: Jar Dyeing Method

rita's g-string at celticharpanddrum: Jar Dyeing Method

"for my jar dyeing i am using a half gallon jar. i mix approximately 1/4 of a teaspoon of jacquard dye into a small jelly jar half full of water and then put in a splash of vinegar. taking a good size chunk of merino wool i pushed it into the bottom of the half gallon jar. then i pour the first color in the jar. i took a dowel and pushed the merino down into the dye. (in this case i did aztec gold on the bottom). Pour about a jar full of water in on top. then i pushed another good size chunk down into the jar packing both the first wool and the second quite thoroughly (this keeps the colors more separate). then 1/4 of a teaspoon of salmon jacquard dye in a small jelly jar with a little vinegar. shake thoroughly. top this with more merino packed in. another jelly jar of water (this is how i rinse out the jar i use to mix dye in) Violet jacquard dye mixed just like before goes next. then i packed in a bit more merino. a couple jars of water on top and then put then put the lid on. take the jar and put it in a pan of water. heat slowly on the stove top until the whole jar, up to the top, feels hot. (putting something like a jar lid under the jar keeps bubbles from forming under the jar and tipping it). after the whole jar is hot i turn of the heat and leave it sitting over night in the pan of water. in the morning i take the wool out of the jar and rinse, put it outside to dry.

in this case i will be very lightly carding the wool together. (very lightly). then spin!

packing the wool between each pour of dye makes the color more separate. if you want more blending you can put a jar of dye in the bottom, then put in all your wool, using a knife pour your next color down the sides of the jar to the middle, then pour your last color over the top.

in general you will get the most of your top color. second most of your bottom color, and the lest of your middle color.

most of all...don't make plans, play, have fun! enjoy whatever results you get."

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