AHhhhhhhh the weekend is here! I finished spinning up that Suri alpaca fiber that I was finally able to fully purchase and plyed it last night with the spun silk. All that spinning and I figured out after filling the bobbin to overflowing that it was only 276 yards! I need 1000yards! How did I figure that? Well my home-made kniddy-noddy winds approx 2 yards of yarn in one pass. I counted how many ends I had after I had it all wound off the wheel, multiplied it by 2 (2 yards each pass/per end) and that is how I figured 276 yards. So I only need about 730 more....ooooh my aching fingers!
I developed some blisters on my fingers from stretching and drafting the silk hankies...stronger than your average fiber! But it is worth it when you see it plied together with the suri! OOOOOo so shiney and soft!
Now I am off to dye it a golden yellow and knit some more on my Wing-of-the-Moth shawl!

Spin on!

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