I've been socked! Oh the agony!

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Well more like sock-ony because these are the socks I recieved in the sock war compatition. The are sooooo warm, a little big, but they will do me just fine. The lady even send me the label from the yarn she used: 80% merino! WOW, no wonder they are so warm! Must have been expensive yarn! Sheez, and here I am using some cheap yarn that the LYS is out of and is not sold in the UK where I am supposed to send these to. DOH!! I guess they will have to wait or start a new pair with something they already have. I stayed alive longer than I ever expected. But thanks to the no-brained host of this wonderful compitiion who posted everyones email address to her public blog....I have gotten so much spam! I know it is because of her because everyone got the same piece of junkmail. Now it is never-ending. Thanks so much. What a drag man. What was she thinking!!!! Could have just delayed the start date...or posted to a private forum! OYe. I hadn't recieved any spam up till then, thanks so much. Now, I have to apply for yet another email address....grrrrrrrr.
But I like the socks. The pattern was a bitch for me to knit, especially down the foot. Looks more like a man sock to me, but I will wear them anyways.

Until next time...

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