The Knittin Song: Walking in a Knitters Wonderland

WALKING IN A KNITTERS' WONDERLAND Sung to the tune "Walking in a Winter Wonderland"

Needles click, I'm a knittin

Tell me where, it is written

That I have to clean

You're just being mean

I'd rather sit and knit the live long day

Here's the yarn, here's directions

Make mistakes, make corrections

Knit one purl two, you know what to do

Walking in a knitters' wonderland

In the winter I can knit a sweater

I'll pretend it's for a movie star

He'll say are you married I'll say yes sir

But I'll knit you seat covers for your car

Later on, we'll go shopping

We all know, there's no stopping

It's such a big thrill

Except for the bill

Walking in a knitters' wonderland

Until next time...


  1. Like the song, what tune would you put to it?
    I hope you enjoy Spin Me A Treasure :-)

  2. You might want to read the very first line again...
    Thanks and I hope I enjoy the swap too!!


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