Crow Goddess coming right along!

Oh she is coming right along! Her head and arm is not attached yet, but this is a ruff draft of her shape. I added her boobs this morning, and they came out well. You can barely see them, but there are there.

It looks like from this picture that I need to add more black to cover the stuffing base. It really takes a while to shape the arms. At first I made it too big, so I had to start a new one. And then it was still too big so I kept poking and poking at it and finally it shrunk to my satisfaction. I am going to have to stick it into a pot of dye as the base fiber is showing and it is white and yellow.

Now imagine black locks of fleece hanging from her arm, now invision both arms like that. The hanging locks will represent her feathers and ability to shape-shift. I am not sure if I will add any hair or not. The alpaca I tried to dye black came out more brown, so maybe I'll add some of that for hair on Her head.

I gotta stop poking myself! I am gonna have quilters calluses on my fingers if I don't!!

Now what to name Her? Just Crow Goddess, or Crow Calling Woman? What do you think?

I think CONTEST!!! Name my Crow Goddess to win a marvoulous one of a kind beaded stitch markers! Any takers??

Until next time...


  1. MMM!!! Not to sure yet...I would need to see her more 'finished' if you know what I mean. As yet to my eye she has no ID she is still 'in the making'

  2. I'd say call her "Crowella":)

  3. Alapca takes longer to needle felt than regular corridale wool. I think she is coming along fine!
    I am from the needle felting list, in case you were wondering!


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