A nice fall day walk

I went for my coffee walk this morning and while cutting through the local graveyard I found some interesting things. The first picture is a nice fall shot of one part of the graveyard. You may think me wierd for cutting through a graveyard of all places, but I've got to tell yah-it's the most peaceful place I have ever walked. It's by a major roadway, and once you get into the graveyard, the sounds of the traffic dissapear. It's really nice.
I found this gravesite decorated with hand carved pumpkins! I thought they were soooo cute! I figure it must be someones parent there. I got a sense of so much happiness while I was standing there studying these three pumpkins. It's as if whoever is buried there, thier spirit is very happy about the pumpkins.
You can't see it very well but in the next picture there is a small white gourd that has a glittered heart on it. I took these pictures with my cell phone. Not the best camera in the world, but it does the job without me having to hull my older and heavier digital. I plan on getting a new one, and soon. Target has the one I have been googling at on sale for $50 less than anywhere else till the new year. I am hoping this next payday will be the one were I can get it. It'll end up being better than what I have (Canon Powershot A10) and cheaper than what I paid for the old one to boot. I want the Canon Powershop 540 which will be around $150 before taxes while my old one was $250. The A10 is one of the first ones Canon put out. The newer one is also 5 Megapixals while my older one is a mere 1.5 megapixals. WOW. AND, lets not forget, that the newer one takes only two AA batteries while my old one takes FOUR. That makes for a heavy camera.

I love walking this time of year. And now that I have discovered PodRunner, I have been walking to some awesome beats. I cannot walk and knit this time of year because my coat is too bulky.

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