Norton/Symantec Corp has BAD business ethics: Bait-n-switch tactics

Okay get this people...Norton Antivirus is offering a 90 day free trial of the latest 2007 virus scan and spyware software to Microsoft customers.

Upon downloading the installer, it had multiple errors. Upon contacted Norton CS they told me to uninstall it, and reinstall. I did this once and there were still yet another error. They told me to uninstall and reinstall again.

Upon this installation the program was no longer offering the free trial (which was there the last two times). Norton CS told me they could not fix it and I would have to call Microsoft since I found the link initially through that site. Microsoft said, as I told them they would, they could not fix any problems with it because it was not a Microsoft product. DUH!!

Then they told me it was not 90 days, but 15!! The last straw with these foriegn folks was when they told me that in order to activate the antivirus I had to pay for a key! That is called "Bait-N-Switch" folks. Offer up a great deal and then switch it when the customer is reeled in and exposed. I had to uninstall my previous version of Norton AND my Mcfee Spam killer in order to even install the program, leaving my system open to attacks.

CS even hung up on me when I told them they cannot be offering a trial and then not honor the offer and the BBB would agree with me.Pass it on folks, Symantec/Norton has bad buisness ethics and tries to "Bait-n-Switch". I've filed a complaint to the BBB. They WILL honor what they offered in the end. The Consumer always wins when they know their rights.

Pass it on and avoid foreign companies!

Until next time...

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