Happy Halloween/Hallows/Samhain!

Found this picture from one of my many groups I am apart of (http://www.crochetme.com/June_July_2005/patt_kitty_toy.htm). Not only is it funny as hell, it's perfect for halloween!! Apparently the story is, is that this cat is addicted to catnip (Kitty Weed) and will fight anyone or anything that tries to take away his weed filled toys! This one, a nice cannabis leaf, was crocheted. And as soon as blogger cooperates, I will add a picture. Grrrrr.

I need some recommendations for (EDIT) FREE blog sites. I am sick of all the glitches here at blogger. If you readers want to leave me suggestions, I will send a set of six beaded stitch-markers to the one who suggests the blog host I choose to use. :) I like contest...can you tell?

Until next time...


  1. Hi
    I myself use Wordpress and I am loving it to bits. But Typepad is another good one..so I been told

  2. 360.yahoo.com. You already have a yahoo account. It's easy to create a blog there & easy to use.

  3. Well I much prefer word press as a first choice, the 360 on yahoo is good also, very easy. Wordpress has scads of templates, photo albums, etc.

    yes, I knkow someone else wrote about these two but I still am giving my 2¢

  4. Yahoo 360 stinks. It is too basic for me. I want options to really personalize and add more than one photo per blog entry.


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