OMG! Fleece deals!!

I wanted to try icelandic fleece and when a message came through on the yahoo group "Fleece for Sale" of someone clearancing fleece to move em out faster, I had to jump. I emailed and I got one reply back and nothing after that. Hummmm... Then the person emailed me again after a few days and asked if I was still interested in the one that I was interested in. Yes, but I could not seem to contact the person!

After many email attempts and even emailing the Fleece for Sale list, she finally got one of my emails and told me that my emails were getting caught by the spam filter on her ISP's email. I think it was my siggy as it was an html file.

Well it all worked out because she said she had one more sheel to sheer and she believe this one was the best of the bunch, and because of the confusion she would give the entire fleece to me for the same price as the one I was originally interested in, a whooping $11!! The fleece turned out to be 4.5 #!! What a deal! With shipping I paid just over $20...*shocker*! Me so excited...an me can't wait to see what this fleece is like!

Now...how do I clean it. I know icelandic fleece has three layers....HUmmmm...

Until next time...

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