A ridiculous claim that wool is dangerous when wet...

Okay I just have to post this as this is the most rediculously gullable claim I have ever heard. It was posted to one of the many yahoo groups I am apart of.


If you scroll down to :

"Dangerous When Wet Material
- Solids liable to become spontaneously flammable or emit flammable gases when they come into contact with water. Example: Wet wool."

This claims that when wool is wet it will and can combust! And then the accompaning message in reference to this:

"This is from an actual website and check out the "Dangerous when wet" example! Who knew?? Next thing you know wool yarn will be on the list of things banned from all flights! Oh the horror this will cause! Can you imagine the searches at the airport? Trying to smuggle wool over the border? Terrorist caught with water bottles and skeins of 100% Merino? I am guessing though the washable wool would be okay, otherwise you could be running through a puddle and your feet will explode!"

OH! So it is from an actual website, then it must be true!! Let's stop and think about this for a moment...wool socks...sweaty feet...poof?! I DON'T THINK SO! Come on now! Where is your brain?!

What a rediculous claim! From what I understand, usally materials don't (and cannot) combust into flames when wet. Could you imagine the signage? *Warning! Dangerous when WET*...well I know of something else that is dangrous when wet...but I want to keep a PG-13 rating at least on this blog....*clears throat*. Although there are curtain exemptions, and one being extreme conditions, but that would not affect the common wool worker!! Anyone have a couple tons of wool we can stack outsideto broil under the hot summer sun for a couple days?

Someone even tried to convience me that cotton combusts when it's wet because they saw it happen when they were young and worked in cotton fields. It was in the summer...and the large load was more than likely starting to broil (thus evaporating the water) under the summer sun!!

You know, I heard through the internet (on an actual website) that flames and water...they don't get along very well. Haven't you heard? I'll have to spam all my groups with this wonderous discovery! *duh?*

I clean raw fleece on a regular basis (I have a lot of raw fleece just sitting around) and have never had it smolder or emit "flammable gasses" when plunged into water. Think about the sheep! Do they combust into 4 legged walking fires when it rains?! And what about that cotton instance...would it be possible to sell the cotton if it caught fire everytime it rained dureing harvesting time?!!!

Better warn that sheep herder not to smoke under the umbrella...that would make fleece prices soar for sure! *smacks forhead* Maybe they are talking about sheep fart?! That is flammable! But then again, so are the farts of humans (a point eagerly proven to be true by the BF, Thanks hunny! He's such a gas...*snort*), and also proven by this funny video:

Looks painful.

Point taken?

How utterly gullable can people get? A little common sense will take you far, young-grasshopper.

Until next time...

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