Those nifty DPN covers...

The ones that are anywhere from $6-12, yah...with the little plastic caps and the elastic that keeps you needles so organized while you travel. Finding a reference picture is nearly impossible.

Are cheaper than dirt to make on your own.

Screw covers-which can be found at any home improvement or hardware store for very-very little ($1, tops)

about 6 inches of elastic cording

two large crimps (found in the jewlery department of a craft store)

Hole punch or a hot poker

How to make:

Take hole puncher or hot poker and poke a hole near the outside edge of the screw covers. String on one crimp onto the cording, fold cording over the screw cover through the hold leaving some dangle space-and crimp. Size the cord by placing the caps on your DPN's, pull the cording so they are snug, and repeat crimping for the other side. Trim excess cording and wa-la!

There. A very economic, cheap, and crafty DPN holder. No need to pay a fortune for your needle supplies-be thrifty!

Until next time...

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