Zarnan's new cage setup!

Here is Zar's new setup! I finally had the money to splurge to get the outdoor/indoor carpeting to replace the nasty bedding material with. The bedding material is not good for either Zar nor myself or the BF because it tends to create mold...of which we are both allergic to. Besides that, a dryer bedding will help prevent health issues in Zar in the future like shell rot or respitory diseases. Yah I can spel, but you know what I mean.
The new "Watering and Feeding Hole" is more of an obstical course to help keep the little fella active and keep his nails trimmed. They are growing and so is he!

Zar's new hideout is in a wash bin filled with the old bedding material to provide an area to dig in. Russian torts like to dig, and they are very adventerous. AS soon as I had it all set up he was all over the place checking it all out. I have added some extra rug material around the wash bin because I know how he can play dare-devil and I know he will eventually be jumping off the edge. That's Zar! Posted by Picasa

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