Apple Spice Beer and Lined Mittens Update

There is nothing like starting the weekend out with some seasonal beer...M, M beer! It's pretty good although it doesn't pack a punch like a Red Lager does by the same company. I really like the red lager and creamy dark. This apple spice beer is like candy beer but it's different than the other candy beers (I call them candy beers because they taste like candy...only with alcohol added instead of vitamen C. HA!) and you can still taste the yeast, which I like. Apply yeasty goodness. The bottle says it contains cinnamon...but I cannot taste it.

I finally got enough Icelandic 3 ply spun up to start knitting the liner to my first mitten. It was a somewhat ruff yarn before setting the twist, but now that it has dried and has been knitted up it's actually quite soft! A pleasure to youch and feel...yah...yarn p0rn rocks. LMAO! All I did to begin the liner was to pick up the same number of stitches along the beginning edge of the mitten.

But because I am using a smaller needle to provide a tighter fabric, I had to increase more to get the width of the mitten. So I have been relying on measureing to keep the liner about the same size as the mit. I did make it slightly bigger than the mit because I remember reading somewhere that the liner that another person knit in this way had to be reknit a little bigger to fit correctly inside the mit. Learning from another knitters frogs, PRICELESS. Ribbit!

I dunno when I am gonna get back to writting my story, I suppose when that writing bug hits me again. Not like it's a contest that has a prize for the winner, or has winners.
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