That Jailbreak show...and other things

Okay, now it is just me or is that damned Jailbreak show getting redundant? The exciting parts have already played out and now it just seems like a whole lot of flavorless filler to extend the show till we find out if they get off the hook or not. In the real world, they would not. The show is right down boring to me now-a-days.

In other news, I FINALLY was able to get my name off the Monthly Dishcloth blogs-about time! That is after I emailed the owner of the blog with no answer, and finally I posted a snoody message to get her attention. It did. Those blogs were showing on my dashboard and when I tried to submit an entry though the Google tool bar those blogs where the first ones listed and I almost never double checked where it was going and had to go and delete it from the wrong blog and re-enter it onto the correct blog, mine. I don't much care for that group anyhoo, the owner is a bit (well a little more than just a bit) snoody and lets not forget exclusive and bossy. It's okay for her "homeys" to chit-chat, but be damned the newbie who adds to the conversation. What a dictatorship. Blah, :-<> .

The BF got his first tattoo started. It's HUGE but it looks kick-ass!

It looked very sore when I took the picture and I was getting psychic pain hits off of him when he came home so I had to step away and sit down because I felt like I was gonna pass-out. That's empathy for yah! I have absolutely no shielding against the BF, which is normal when you live with someone for as long as we have. The artwork is suburb workmanship, done by an artist who works at Steve's Tattoo on Willy street here in Madison WI. We visited three shops before stopping in there and NONE of them offered to customize the image he wanted NOR where they as helpful. Steve's Tattoo rocks! And if I ever decide to get one of a tribal crow, it will be Steve's Tattoo that I look up for the job. Definitely above and beyond our expectations.

Mike (The BF) is going in to get color added two more times, two weeks apart. He let's it just heal and then he is gonna go get stabbed again. It is soooooooooooo gonna kick ass when it has some color. There is a full moon between the dragons wings, and did you see the volcano on the right? The face on this creature really reminds me more of a Griffin than a dragon. Again, suburb artwork from Steve's Tattoo.

Mike said he wanted one on both arms, but after he came home he is not so sure he wants another one!! LMFAO! I dunno if I have the guts enough to get one! Let alone my amazing ability to faint...right.

This week is going to be a busy one for me and knitting. Tonight is the monthly meeting of the local knitting guild that I am going to with a friend. I am also going to pay my dues, finally! Thursday I am sitting in for that Friend to help people knit socks because she will not be able to make it. Friday is the Late Night Knit-in at Sow's Ear in Verona that I am going with that same friend. Then Saturday is a Knit-in at Blackberry Mill (a yarn mill) that I am going to with still again, that same friend. Yeah she has a name, Jamie. LMAO! She is very outgoing and seems to have taken a liking to me, and I to her. I am cautious about it though, because last time I made friends so quickly, I got hurt not too long about by them. Trust is not something I can hand out lightly anymore. Experience has taught me this, and in a hard way to boot. I am optimistic but guarded.

Until next time...

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