Danny DeVito Drunk On The View

UNCENSORED: Danny DeVito Drunk On The View

There is such a buzz over this! I tell yah, if it weren't for Divito and Rosie, this show would be such a drab, boring, hum-drum of a show. The show has gone so much down hill, they brought Rosie in to spice it up a bit. Though she does tend to talk to much at times and seems a little attention hungry, but everyone else is BORRRRRRRRRRRRING!
You want some more entertainment, go to the page with this video on it on youtube.com, and take a read at the comments. Some people have a stick up their ass about everything, and others laugh at everything. I like one comment... "Awww, I like how the poor Republicans can't take losing...HA!" because there were bushwackers and bush-backers commenting on Devito's comical reenactment of the president's reaction to his questions. Oh for crying out loud, he is a god-damned comedian...it's part of his repituare to be funny! Whew, something stank in here....I think it's the faciests and extremists. The funniest thing around, the best crowd pleasure at this time, is making fun of "Bush 4 Brains". Go Democrats!

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