Plot for knitting movie, pain, shawl, library, and more!

That's right! But wait, there's more!!
I see a plot spreading across the net, over a novel based movie plot that MIGHT be in the works. I found it through this blog .
My shoulder has been KILLING me today. I finally gave in and took some T3 from when I had a tooth ache early this year to dull it. I probably pulled something last night when I was throwing a fit in bed over my ungodly bad luck with software these days. *snort*
I am moving right along on the Wing of the Moth Shawl. I stayed off the computer day to give my shoulder a rest, because typing makes me hurt...but then so does knitting...
well anyways, I am almost done with the 8 row repeat, that is reapeated in total 14 times. It's the pine cone pattern or the top of the shawl. I have four more repeats to go!
I emailed Nero customer support last week, the finally got back to me MOnday. I dunno what it is, but every software company I have had to deal with THIS MONTH ALONE has given me a hard time. Might as well give me a cyber finger because that is how I feel! Nero would rather me pay another $40 to purchase more software that will run correctly with the DVD burner it came with! RIP OFF!
The library has decided not to charge me for the software I return...in one peice that somehow, mysteriously was found broken in half. They said the jewel case was fine, but the CD-ROM was broke right in half. I KNOW I returned it in one workable peice...something has gone amiss over there and I don't like taking the blame. They said "We don't know how it could have gotten damaged, but we will take your word that you returned it undamaged." Well poopy me!  I'll send the gentleman at the Deforest library a thank you card. I missed his call because I was away from the phone when he called. If I ever brake a CD of anykind, I would have and will always bring it to the circulation desk and return it personally instead of dropping it in the Audio/Visual drop box. Since this is the second time something has come up damaged/missing, I have decided to return all adio/visual/computer software items directly to the circulation staff to have them inspect it and check it in...while I am there. They want people to drop items in the drop boxes, but I ain't gonna do that anymore with those items. They don't like it, they can kiss my butt and do it anyway! Oye.
I got Superman Returns from netflix today! YAY! I've already watched it twice...I dunno if I will return it yet or watch it a third time. I so love this new Superman movie!
Until next time...

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