DVD Burner...bad burner, bad!

I'm not going to knitting today at the LYS, I've gone out to knit so much this week and have gotten little done here at home.
I learned about how I can share my photos with friends and family by burning them onto a DVD disc as a slide show movie. Well, I wanted to do that and we went over to staples and bought an external Memorex DVD burner. It came with a shit load of Nero programs that I will never get to ever using them all. I created a slide show, two of them in fact, and a movie that had all my short pet videos put together in one. It looked great, previewed nicely and had a great feel (I love being able to customize the menus!) but the Nero program hung, all night...for NINE HOURS and never burned. It got stuck on transcoding the second slide show. ARGH! Technology can really stink, yah know? Everything meets the max standards to run the damned thing and I haven't been able to make a single DVD.

SO, back to staples we went to see if there were any known issues. The guy we talked to said he LOVES the Nero programs and has never had a problem. When we described what we were dealing with, he grabbed the only box of the same product off the shelf and said to bring the other one back. BTW, it was on sale yesterday for $30 off, and today the sale is no longer. Can you say "Great timing!"? He said it might be a hardware issue so it never hurts to exchange just to be sure. OKAY...can you say commercial for the Easy Button?!! We were so surprised!
So we packed it back up, uninstalled the shit load of useless software and we are getting ready to go back. I bought some pizza from Papa Murphy's so that is cooking and when it is finished it can cool while we go back to staples.

Hopefully we can get this idea to work and I can send a nice DVD to my Mum of my nature photos and pet videos....hopefully.

What has really annoyed me is that the websites for Nero wants you to spend $30-80 more to upgrade the software that came with the burner. HOW RUDE! The shit they send with the hardware ought to work! Don't cha think? That is called bait and switch and I despise it with a dark passion.

Until next time...

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