Exchange works!

So we took the burner back to staples, exchanged it, reinstalled the shitload of software that comes with it and found that the software in the exchange was more to date than the last. Is that weird or what? Now I tend to wonder if the guy at staples was so eager to help us exchange because they DID know about some issue or bad software bundles. We will never know. But I did successfully make a picture DVD in about an hour, and our DVD player plays RW's! Awesooooome! So know I am working on adding titles and more content to the DVD. 4 gigs of info to fill and I only managed to fill 1 gig worth! Where's my picture backup CD? *rummage-rummage*

I called Mom to make sure that her DVD player would play DVD R's and it does. It also turns out that she was sending me psychic messages to call her. She said she had just laid down for a nap when I called and she was trying this, and then I called a few minutes later.
I have to admit, sometimes I get an unexplainable urge to call her...and most times she says she was just thinking about me. Or it happens the other way around where I am thinking about her, and she calls me. We're close. That helps.

I hear some congressman is going to propose a bill to reinstate the draft, stating that if we had a draft in effect, we would have never gone to ware with Iraq on the "flimsy" evidence and it would "cause the administration to think twice" on such decisions. AH! Yeah, it would give them motive to draft men for any old war! I say NO! Absolutely not! The news channel reporting says that a poll puts Americans at 7 out of 10 in opposition of a new draft. Take that and shove it congressman!

Two-four-six-eight, We don't need no stinkin' draft!

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