Go Democrats!

I see the world coming to it's senses. I wonder if the Pres thought the people of the USA were not paying attention as he got rid of the Democrats in office, one by one. We cannot have a balanced government with one or the other in majority. But now that the Democrats have the majority, maybe we can finally move forward.

CRASH!! Goes the Bush Agenda! YAH! Take that you fools.

On the other front, I am sorely disappointed in Wisconsin. The marriage amendment passed (were they change the actual wording of the amendment stating one MAN and one WOMAN instead of two loving individuals). I believe it is the catholics trying to push their beliefs onto the rest of the nation. Not everyone holds the same values or beliefs and they cannot get that threw their world domination bend brains! I am beginning to hate religion in any form. It's the root of so many problems!!

I see this as the first step backwards as many more attempts to infringe on our rights follow this horrendous passing of such a STUPID and UNNESSASARY amendment. It's an amendment made out of and from spite of those who live differently, and of whom believe differently. Soon we will be dictated as a Nazi nation, not as a free nation. Next to go will be reproductive rights, namely, woman rights. I will move out of this state if that day ever comes. I will never support such extremists view, values, and minds by living in a state that passes such bullshit amendments.

Until next time...


  1. The democratic return is indeed overdue and more than welcome. I learned about many current issues for the election on various news sites and found this one to be interestingly packed with information on some of the hot issues at hand in politics, you should check it out: http://www.voice4choice.org

  2. Thanks for the link! I am definately a woman for womans rights and will post a banner here and add a link in my email siggy. I don't understand how they think they are gonna push thier religious values onto the whole nation, when the whole nation of the US has so many varied views and religions the way it is! Isn't that what the US was about in the beginning? Freedoms and variety?


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