YAY! I got a bunch of 3-ply Icelandic yarn done over the weekend of the computer crash, oh how I like to term it "Computer took a wicked SHIT!". HA! It took me about a week to spin up three bobbins full of fine icelandic singles to make the right sized three ply that I was want to knit liners to my mittens with. It's super scratchy though so I will not be able to knit it for anything that will be against my sensitive skin areas like my neck. I work one of the skiens like a scarf to guage the ruffness....it was super ichy. What a dissapointment. But the yarn came out beautifully and I believe that I am getting better at plying. The plys are actually sticking together instead of coming apart after setting.


I am still working on my mittens. I've stopped knitting for a few days in order to play with my new camera toy and getting lots of nature photography done to enter in the Nature Conservatory photo contest. I think I have about 30 or so entered now.

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