Happenings at work and an Possim

Boy have things been happening at work. I heard from the local gossip queen (Seriously...her life is not complete without a little gossip) but it's not untrue gossip, it's true gossip. Apparently one of the drivers dropped a wheelchair child at home (Paratransit School Bus Driver), and left her outside not bothering to wait and make sure someone actually took her inside and she sat there outside for TWO HOURS in the cold! OMG! What a dumbass-dickhead! Anyone with any little speck of brains would think before doing that! The mother of this child said that she was going to make sure and do everything in her power to get that man fired. I say, GO MOM! He was out of line and he should not be allowed to conitue his employment. If he doesn't loose his job, I may just leave the company because at the old one, he would have been fired, YESTERDAY.

This company is pittifully lacking in serious training because they are always cutting corners. I miss the old company.

In other news:

We found a young possum outside on the patio porch last night. Interesting things those possums. I took a stick and poked at him (HEY! Don't you even think about leaving a nasty message because at least I did not take a BB gun to his ass-which I have BTW) and he didn't move! Just sat there lookin at the stick. Then he moved to the edge of the table that is out there that he was on and I poked him and he slumped right off the edge! LMAO! Funny critter.

Today is PAYDAY! I am going to get myself a new camera this weekend but the wait is KILLING me! I have to wait till tomorrow, then the BF said he wanted to go with me, so I have to wait for his ass to get up too. Oh the waiting!! If I want that camera, I need to get it sooner rather than later because I will not have the money for it later. I am getting myself the Canon Powershot A540 or 560 (haven't decided yet) but like I have said before the newer cameras of dozens of times better than what I have. The BF said he wanted the old one so that is where it is going. It still works well, it's just old and slowing down.

Until next time...

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