OOOoh boy...my shoulders are really hurting me today. I dunno what it is but ever since that last rear-ender, I have had more problems with pain in my upper back and shoulder/neck area. OYE!
For some odd reason...we have programs that seem to dissapear on the computer! Last night I could not find the shortcut for windows media player, ANYWHERE on the computer! The shortcuts to the program EXE was gone, and even a full computer search turned up nothing! So I reinstalled it, that seemed to fix it, but how in the hell did they dissapear without manuel unstalling in the first place? WIERD!
Then my copy of NeroVison Express is fuckin up and making my life hell. I want to finish making that DVD for mum and send it out already. For some reason it has exnayed some videos that I took with my phone (3gpp format) and won't play them. But the thing is, it played them last week! Cripes! Computers are a pain in the ass when they don't work correctly!!!
I am seriously thinking about getting some extra RAM for this puppy this weekend. The BF says he can't go half on an $80 chip...so I will have to hoof it myself. Well, he has hoofed plenty on his own int he past with this damned piece of shit, so I guess I buy this one. I want it more than he does I think because I want the DVD burner to not take all flipping night to create a DVD! LMAO!
We have Cacheman running in the background and most of the time the available RAM is under 300. That's not much to run anything off of, and that stinks!
I think I am gonna try growing mushrooms. I have been gandering about it and I've joined a yahoo group for all skill levels of mushroom-growing (what's the technical word for that?). I even have had one person offer me some cultures after only two days of chatting with others! Sweeeeeeeeet! I hear Oyster mushrooms are easy for a beginner, AND they have a taste that is similar to oysters. YUMMY!!
Until next time...

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  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

    I have a pinched nerve in my neck and have had to do so physical therapy in order to manage it. Maybe some simple neck excercises would help you a little. I understand your pain. Hope it heals up quick.


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