This is an emailing test

Okay I see a new feature where I can post via email...so this is a test!
Today I post about an incident we encountered at the local Takara resturant on State Street here in Madison Wisconsin.
This place USED to be a 5 star place to go, but boy howdy how they degraded.  They have set an outrageously high limit for the CC uses, the order must be $19 or more to use one. The average meal for one person is under $12.  Every time I go there I forget about this inconvenience. I don't carry cash! Usually their sushi is very good, but this time...the sushi was too warm, like it had been sitting out longer than it should have. I did end up with a stomach ache later on but it did subside without any further side effects.
Then when we were ready to leave the waiter comes over to us and tried to PRESSURE us to leave a bigger tip! I beg your pardon!? The bill was an even $24, and because they did not want to split the bill for the two of us NOR take my debit card for my half of the bill, the BF paid it. He didn't leave a big enough tip I guess because this waiter came back to us, BLOCKED our path to leave and stated that the tip minimum was 15%! I told this man, "Sir, you have an unreasonable high limit for CC usage, you would not agree to split the bill, so it is up to the person paying the bill to leave the tip. If the person leaving tip is annoyed and does not leave a large one, that's not against the law" He still insisted that the tipping rate was 15% and told us that this was not a buffet but a Japanese restaurant! MY GODDESS! We have never encounter such RUDE and distasteful actions from any place like this! We used to like it, but now we won't be visiting any more. I told him, Sir, there are no laws set in place...there are no signs in your restaurant, the tipping rate set is a SUGGESTED rate, not a law. Therefor we will leave and never come back because your actions to try and pressure us into leaving a bigger tip. Good grief! Chop off my hand already!!
We will not be visiting again but taking our business to the west side location or going to Edo Gardens in Monona.
This is the review I posted on several places. How rude!
Until next time...

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  1. It worked! Wooo hoo! Except my email does not have spell check...but you'll know what I mean...at least one can only hope...


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