iTunes...what a rip-off!!

OH man- oh man. When one thing goes wrong, everything in turn does as well. I found the perfect song to use on a slideshow I am building for my Mum on DVD about the air show we went too a couple years back. The song was by DJ Dark Zone Theme from Top Gun. It was a techno remix. SO I could not find it elsewhere so I BOUGHT IT from iTunes for a buck. I get it downloaded, and not only does the damned song skip, but I cannot use it in any of my applications!!!! WHAT A RIP-OFF! I am so fuming!! I downloaded it to use spacifically for the slideshow and it is in that damned "protected" format of m4p AKA ACC. Argh! BUT, there are applications out there to convert those two formats into "unprotected" mp3's....but they cost!!! Argh-argh! I cannot win for loosin this weekend!!
Damned you iTunes!
Until next time....

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