Well since I have learned to knit correctly *snort* I am able to knit a whole lot faster and the needle slides into each stitch much more easily.

This morning we went to Starbucks a little later than usual and they were soooooo busy! That is the last time I got here at that time. Sheez! The line went quickly, which was good, but we still ended up spending 15 minutes in the cafe. I ended up running behind on my morning run, damned it. Then on top of that, instead of regular hazelnut syrup in my usual drink, I was given sugarfree and I had no time to use to go back and get it made right. Oh how I dispise fake sugar! BLah! I was raised on sweet-n-low and now my stomach hates it, and so do my taste buds. BLAH!-BLah! So I went back after my runs were done and they remade it. Apparently the sugar-free was in the spot where the regular should have been. DOH. I got a free coffee coupon out of it so tommorrows will be free!

I worry about payday. We've been short on a lot of routes and getting paid per route, that makes payday small. We got a dissconnect notice from the phone and the cell, and the other bills are just as behind too. Luckily they cannot turn off our electricity till summer now. It will get paid, just not all at once. *sigh* I will have to suck up my money and put it aside for the bills and do without the things I want for a month or two. My daily coffee run is all I will allow myself. I must get the bills caught up. I must!

I really wanted to get the knit-picks options, but I really don't think I can spare the extra money. *sigh* I've been fighting depression. It doesn't help that the BF hinted that my wieght has become an issue. *sigh* So I have started to walk more. I have gained a few more pounds over the last couple of months and it doesn't help that he brings home sweets from work almost everyday...of which I told him to stop. That has really hurt me. So now I am dealing with the rejection that comes with being a large gal, again-and again-again-again...the never ending torture that is my humble life. I can smell something good to eat and gain wieght. *sigh*

What is the use? I will work my ass off all my young life, and I will not be able to retire and relax but have to work till I cannot work anymore. And for what?! Money. The root of all evils. Amerian dream? What the fuck is that?! You have to be privalages to live that way. No such thing anymore.

Until next time...

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