Dorkland Auto Insurance...

Okay, remember that rear-ender I mention last weekend? Well we haven't heard anything from the auto body we go to when we need repairs (which is more often than it should be! I swear we have a target on the ass of the truck!) in over a week so I called them up yesterday. No one got back to me as promised, so I called again today. Turns out, after they investigated the delay in repairs, that the insurance company from the lady that rear-ended me, sent out a check, in my name, to me, last week. They didn't bother even calling me to tell me, hey, expect a check for the repairs. Dorkland Insurance, we are here to not communicate with you.

BTW, that Dorkland insurance is Millers First out of Illinois (no wonder). I'm glad they are not my insurance. First the lady that hit us told her insurance that she had planned on paying it out of her pocket instead of through the insurance company...but didn't bother to mention that to me. Then I told them we can still do that, but the lady had decided to go ahead and go through the company since I had already filed a claim. Well I don't fuck around when I get rear-ended.

Get it filed with our insurance, call the opposing insurance, call the auto body repair to make an appointment for an estimate, give them the information of the opposing insured, wait till they make contact with opposing company, then make appointment for repair. I'm not from Illinois, I don't procrastinate. Okay that is profiling but that has been my personal experience. One bad apple colors them all.

So we made an appointment for the 5th of December and it is so far off because they are still dealing with hail damage from the summer storms! All the loaners are being used and that is the soonest date they have one available. Wow. I figured it was because of the snow we had over the weekend. The roads were a mess and clogged with accidents because PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO SLOW DOWN IN BAD WEATHER AND SNOW! Common sense? What's that? HA!

See snow? Drive Slow!

There were cars in the ditch, off the side where there were sharp curves, LOTS of rear-enders and a few serious accidents. Dorks. What are these people thinking? It rained all day, then it switched to freezing rain, the water on the ground froze, and then it snowed-heavily, all night. And for some reason people think they can drive like dumb-shits in THAT. *smacks forhead* No common sense, none, nadda, zilch, zip, zero. Duh, George....look at the pretty white snow zipping by...uh, George...look out for that....CAR!


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