Cable is out, alternative activities-Spinning, fleece cleaning

So we turned on the tellie this morning and found nothing but snow...would rather have that on the ground, not in the TV. Upon calling Charter, the CS rep goes through a list of "Did you" questions. Did you move some funiture and disconnect the TV? Come on, I am not cenile! Is the TV hooked up to a VCR or switchbox? Is the VCR on or off? Is the switchbox in the correct position....on and on and....
Then when they could not find an issue, they told me they could not get someone out to check the cable until Tuesday afternoon between 1 and 5!!!! Okay...working lady here! I will not be home then! I told the lady that the cable box is not inside, so they should not need access indoors. TUESDAY! Come on now, just because we only have basic doesn't mean we are paying piss-poor basic-basic customer service! *smacking forhead* I find that to be completely rediculous. WHen another cable company comes into town, we are soooo switching! The only channel we can get is a local channel, and even that is really snowy. I think someone has tried to hook into our cable service because if we didn't have ANY service, we would not be getting just that local one. You'd think Charter would be concerned over that idea. Nope.

So, here is what I have been doing to occupy myself. Who needs TV when you are a Crafting Goddess!

This morning I met with the lady who brought the shetland up from an Indiana farmer. Here is a picture of some of it all cleaned up and drying. Droooool! It is soooooo soft! Nothing like what I got at the sheep and wool festival. That's the next picture under the yummy one. THAT is one horrible ass fleece. Very course, very nasty looking, very useless.

And I finally got around to plying up the alpaca and silk. This is a before dyeing picture as it soaks in some synthrapol water. Yummy!

I also got a bunch of BFL carded into rolags and have begun spinning that up. I dunno which I will be sending to my Spin me a Treasure pal....HUmmmm....shetland....BFL? Shetland.....BFL? Both??

I ordered some ladder yarn from Knitpicks.com yesterday as it was on sale for $1.99. I want to make the blue wrap that can be found in Ribbon Style...of which I also ordered from the bookclub (crafterschoice.com) as they have a promotion of no pay till March. For once the place has something I actually want! It's a rarity with them. I think they are a closeout kind-of-club because they have some of the worst crafting books around, usually. I have a bunch of fat blue ladder yarn already, I just need some of the smaller stuff. For $1.99 a ball...that can't be beat!

Payday was really nice this time around. That extra work I had been doing really paid off. I was able to put a nice chunk of it back. If I am able to keep doing that same bit of extra driving, I may just have a drum carder by the end of the year! If I can manage to keep my grubby hands off my savings stash...grrrrrrrrr *slap-slap*-No-NO!


O! I heard from my Spin me a Treasure secret pal person today! YAY! I was beginning to wonder if perhaps the person they assigned backed out. NOPE! Hurray! I was just thinking about contacting the hostess to inquire about it today while I was cleaning the fleece. Luckily it slipped my mind and there was an email from her! She's reading my blog too, she says. *looks around...supsiciously* Who could she be? OOOo exciting!!!!

Until next time...

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