Fuckin POsTaL!

Okay now. What wears blue, and can't read? A POSTAL OFFICE WORKER! What fuckin use is it to mark a god-damned package FRAGILE and then slap it around like it ain't even marked!! Mother fuckin postal worker, took my package which I stamped fragile many times (because they don't seem to see it) SLAPPED it down on the scales, ASKED if there was anything fragile...looking her in the eye, I said Fragile in a not too respectful tone, paid for it, and as I was walking away THE BITCH THROWS my package into the received mail bin! MOTHER FUCKER! That package is labeled FRAGILE!!! . HOW DISRESPECTFUL! When I call to make a complain, yet another BITCH talks to me like I am an imbecile, and tells me that they will do their best to handle packages marked as fragile with care, BUT if I want special handling practices I have TO PAY MORE for it! Okay, what's the use for asking if the god-damned thing is fragile and marking it as so in the first god-damned place! Fuckin postal office is as corrupt as the god-damned government!!


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  1. don't they p*** you off when that happens. Why ask if fragile if they don't take care?
    Bright blessings
    amber in Scotland


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