More treasure hunting fun!

I found three more items to frog at the East side Goodwills store! I wish they were a little cheaper...I feel that $4 for a sweater is asking a lot for second hand. I'm gonna plan on hitting the dig-n-save this weekend. They sell cloths by the pound (something like a quarter a pound). Loads of fun that-a-way too. They have HUGE boxes of stuff!

I've gotten two 6 ounce balls of yarn from the cream colored sweater in the other picture, thus far! That was just for the arms! I still have yet to frog the body of the sweater. WOW! What a find! AND, it is natural fibers (did the bleach test on a scrap peice). I think it is some kind of virgin wool because it is super soft, not even the littlest scratchy. Someone paid a shit-load of money for this yarn to make this sweater. I'm almost sorry to frog it...ALMOST...*snicker*. I'm not a sweater person.

Until next time...

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  1. So, ironically I just dragged out a bunch of my wool stash and started spinning again and I found these items. The darker sweater frogged pretty easily, but the other two....forget it. They'll be used as nesting material for the wild birds in the spring.


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