Spinning something new

SO I decided to spin up a sample of "novelty" yarn. I decided to try plying two singles together and at the same time wrap some uncard, unspun, wool locks around it. I think it is called core spinning. I ended up putting too much twist into it, but that is okay for a test run. It is sitting in water at the moment. I'll see how it comes out come morning.

It might be something I will want to create for my SMAT pal (spin me a treasure). Interesting how that spells smat!! Kinda like splat!

Went to the yearly holiday catered lunch at work. It would have been okay if the turkey/gravey dish had not had sooooo much salt in it! YUCK! It was catered by Swanton...and the BF said yuck too. I guess they are the ones that cater at his work on Thursday. He says the only thing he is interested in is the cookies!

The pasta was really good, and so were the sweets. We got a free ham too, same kind as last year. I plan on making pea soup with it. YUM! I usually make pea soup with pork hauks because they have that unique flavor that goes well with peas.

Whew...it's been nothing but run-run-run today. I am pooped! I cannot wait till winter break already! Although I will still be doing the one metro run, I will still have the majority of the next two weeks open to me.

I want a drumcarder! *stomps feet like spoiled child* I want!-I want!-I want!

Until next time...

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