Sweater Recycling Fun!

I went to Goodwill today. I was on a hunt. A hunt to find unwanted knitted sweaters to recycle. Boy did I! I spent $12 on three loverly sweaters. My foot is there for scale because the one beige one is HUGE! That one is wool, I think. The white one is a cotton blend with some acrylic sparkle in it, and the colorful one is a a mystery. I looked for sweaters that did not have a tag. The big one was easily noticed as hand knit. But the colorful one is a commercially produced sweater, and getting the yarn from it (serged seems too) was not difficult.

I took the colorful one apart first. It was a four piece sweater. I ripped out the seems for the arms first and frogged away! OOOOo pretty! It is a novely yarn that is spun up with some blue tensil looking like stuff.

OOOoh yeah, yarn porn at it's best! I was all giddy over getting so much yarn for so little! That sweater was knit in strips so I have some white single ply yarn from it as well! I will need to ply it with some thread as it wants to pull apart too easily.

More pictures of sweater recycling froggin fun to come!

Until next time...


  1. What a beautiful ball of yarn that is! I had attempted to recycle a sweater for yarn once, but was VERY unsucessful. How did you have so much luck?

  2. You have to make sure you have a sweater that IS recyclable. Check out the links two posts foward for what to look for in recycle-able sweaters. Look for unserged seems. What I do is look for sweaters without a tag (and without any traces of past tag). Those are the hand knit sweaters that will very easy to frog.


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