Holy Shit, he got it for me!!

The BF got me the Roboreptile toy that I have been googling over since it's predecessor, Roporaptor, came out! This one is much more manuvorable than the last one. And it is soooo coool!!! OMG! Roar-Roar!! I cannot believe it!!
It eats battery power like nothing I have ever seen, but then, that is why we use rechargables.
He also, after I crabbed him out over it, had the brakes looked out. Turned out that they were not as bad as he had dreaded them to be. It costs him a little over $200 to have new pads installed in the front brakes, and have the back ones cleaned and lubbed. Now the brake light is not on, and I can rest easy knowing the brakes are not going to fail. And the guy at Meineke said that if we had waited a few month more, they would have been in even poor shape than they were and would have cost upwards of 3 times as much. I told him. I said, see, I was right...waiting is a bad thing both for the hole in the pocket and for the truck. He said "Go ahead and say it-I told you do!" Of course I don't have too...he knows it. LOL
Mike said that he had planned on getting the brakes looked at anyways, and I am now asking why did he not say something when I was chewing him out over not taking care of it last week! I said, "If you had told me you were planning on fixing it this weekend, that would have halted my rant in it's tracks!!" Of course he doesn't know why he didn't say anything...*smacks forehead*. Then he told me that he had talked to the bank guy and told him about how the truck needed the brakes looked at because the light was on, and they worked something out so that he did not have to pay on the truck this month. Wow...I am impressed! I didn't think that would be something he would do (asking for help)! Now if he could ask for help on the rest of his financial ho-hums.....*grumbling like Marge Simpson*
What a day! AND...lets not forget...that the local Animart is moving, and they are having a moving sale. Everything this week was 30% off! So I bought a treat stick for Merlin, some java moss for Skye, and a brine shrimp hatchery. You how much that cost me? $12!!!! That is it!! The hatchery was marked 9.99 but it rang up as 6.99 PLUS 30% MORE off of that! *stumbles* Holy shit! SO I am reading up on raising and keeping brine shrimp colonies alive, and I see I will need some ocean salt, a hydrometer, and preferrably another 10 gallon tank. I've already put a request out for the 10 gallon on the local freecycle list...hopefully there will be a hit on that. If not, 10 gallons are not all that expensive.
This website had some nice information on raising them, and so did this one and this one and this one that talks about Daphina too. Apparently they are very much like seamonkeys...only more troublesome...HA!
So tomorrow I am going to visit Animart again and see if they have any sea salt left over (most of the saltwater supplies were picked through pretty good), a hydrometer, and something that I may be able to feed the hatchlings on till I can get a whole lot of algea growing.
Me and my projects...LOL
Until next time...

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