Forget Brine Shrimp...Water Flea is the way to go!

Okay forget the brine shrimp idea. I might try to keep a small culture going in a 5 gallon setup but if that fails...water fleas are the way to go. I am reading more and more on Dalphnia (water fleas) and they are fresh water, and it seems they are easier to care for. We have a fresh water spring in one of the many nature preserves around here...and a swamp like area behind where I live, where the water fleas live. I will opt for the fresh water spring...and if it doesn't snow tomorrow I will drag the BF out to the spring to help me look for eggs catalysts. That should be fun in the now freezing temps! Why didn't this come up in the last three weeks when we had spring temps?!
Murphy's Law.
Until next time...

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