I'm pooped!

So I went back over to Animart this afternoon since they had a 40% off EVERYTHING left in the store. They are moving and I figure they want to move as little as possible. I got a 3 gallon eclipse, got it home, opened it up...looked at it and said "This will not due. This will not due at all." It doesn't look like three gallons, plus it had two huge gouges on the front. So much for quality acrylic tanks. SO I took it back. I gandered to get the supplies I need to keep the brine shrimp alive...some sea salt, a fine mesh net, some goodies for Skye (of which he totally snubbed!!). I get home, mixed up a gallon of salt water...plug int he air pump....nothin. Not one sound came from the pump. ARGH!!! Now...I need a new PUMP! I dunno why I need it, I can see the baby shrimps swimming around on thier own just fine. *heavy tired sigh*
I am so pooped from running around this weekend. Tomorrow there will be snow ont he ground, I will be walking down for my coffee and five fruit muffin, stopping by the grocery for some sweet potato baby food to feed the shrimpies with...and hopefully...all will be well without a pump. If not, then I have two more packets of eggs that I can hatch out at a later date. Water fleas are sounding simplier with each passing moment I try to work with brine shrimp!!


On top of all this, I sit down to watch CSI Miami (Love the H.Caine character) and the sleeve (from netflix) says CSI Miami, but the disc is CSI NY!!! OH for crying out loud, shoot me already! I don't really much care for the NY version....it's really slow and boring compaired to the original and Miami. I was really looking forward to CSI Miami. *pouts*

Until next time...

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