Left over Sock yarn Blanket-BRILLIANT!

I have begun to accumulate some leftover sock yarn from those self patterning sock yarns. My socks take one and a half skiens...with plenty left over to make these cute 5" bias squares.
This seems like a great long term project and I'll look forward to making the squares and adding them after each pair of socks per the "rules"...
1. You can only use leftover sock yarn; no fair purchasing new yarn for artistic effect.
2. Use of other people's leftover sock yarn is ok.
3. You can use up your leftover sock yarn stash at the beginning, but afterwards, you can make squares only after you finish a pair of socks.
4. You MUST sew the square into the blanket as soon as you finish it. No fair hoarding squares for artistic effect.
5. Make squares on the bias. As big as your leftovers will permit. You may combine different leftover sock yarn.
6. Send me photos of your Full Body Sock blanket in progress!!
See a completed sock yarn bais blanket here:
Until next time...

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