One Toe-up Sock done! Breezing along the mate!

I got my first ever toe-up sock done, and it took me less time to complete than cuff down. I love the toe up and I do believe I will be knitting socks with this method from now on. I bound off using a loose: K1, YO, PSO, K1, PSO and it made a nice ruffled look top the top that I just adore to no end! It also produces a super stretchy bind-off. BTW, PSO is "pass stitch over" like in PSSO only the stitch before it is not slipped.

Then I did the after-thought heel which makes knitting the entire sock take much less time as you don't have to mess with picking up a bunch of stitches, rather, just a few. It's basically a toe of a sock where the heel is and you close it with the kitchier stitch. My heel has knub on each side because I picked up too many stitches in the corners and I had to BO after two inches for my regular heel.

After knitting the Wing of the Moth shawl for almost a week, I discovered that my gauge has loosened up quite a bit, and this sock turned out a little big because of it. So on the mate to this sock I took four stitches off the total and this one will fit much better. So, if you have a death grip on your yarn when you knit, knit some lace to help relax yourself and your grip. :) You HAVE to knit loose when knitting lace. It's a valuable tip for those who do the death grip as I used to when I first started knitting.

Until next time...

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