Low Cost Inkle Loom [to make]

SO I have been wanting to try card weaving for the longest time and now that I have a local source for the cardboard cards, now all I need is a loom to make the job easier.
Here is a link to a great resource that I found at SCA-Card weaving on yahoo groups: http://anvil.unl.edu/toli/loom.html
A simple and CHEAP inkle loom that anyone can make. There have been comments that the partical board has not lasted as long as they would have hoped, and others have said they have made it out of MDF board instead. You can use hardwood, but the object is to keep costs down but if you have the money to spurlge with, then by all means get some nice maple or oak and stain it too.
Also here is a link to make your own wooden cards from a commonly found wood for models, in model supply stores.
This is apart of the yahoo group, so you will have to become a member in order to view it.
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