Miami Vice the movie (SNORE!), Inkle loom, more training

OMG...I have to rant. The movie Miami Vice is absolutely NOTHING near the series and is a disgrace. It is not worthy of the name Miami Vice. It has NO action and what action there is...doesn't last more than one or two minutes! The opening was promising with some rockin beats...but after that it was down hill real fast. I little booty action here and there which I cannot figure out what it adds to the story plot at all...other than to establish the characters are REALLY in love...OOOookay. The choice of actors for the main characters was pittifully poor, the dialog was slow and boring...along with the action and story line. Oh man...if you like Miami Vice the series...this movie is a pathetic failure at capturing the series' action and the charactures. Blah! What a waste of a good rental. I'm really pissed about it! HA! BOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRING!
In other news, I got the inkle loom that a kind and generous lady from the swap I am hosting sent me. I traded a couple pairs of stitch markers for a Strauch inkle loom, Card Weaving book, and a set of 50 cards. WOW! The loom looks like it has never been touched! I cannot wait to find time to begin a weaving project!
I was practicing the self-defense training when the mail man knocked. I was in the middle of screaming "Kick-punch-break!" and then "hu!" when he knocked. The guy was well away from the door when I peeked out,  LMAO! Must have thought a little space would be a good thing! *snicker-snort* I love learning this and it a great workout. I finally got through the learning of moves and am now into the training for fitness and exercise. Chuck encourages participants to scream and HU! when executing the moves as a way to keep breathing. I noticed I was holding my breath...through most of the moves! So this has loosened that up and got the circulation going. WHEW! I love it!! Now, I wonder how much wieght I can loose doing this? I now need a punching back or something to practice blows on. I dunno if the BF would be up for that. *snicker-snort*
I got yarn today as well from the same lady that sent me the inkle loom. It is sooooooo soft and billowy! She says it is cormo...OOOoo something else to try! Eventually I will have wool from every kind of sheep there is.
Time to switch movies. I left Miami Vice running as I typed up this entry to see if it picked up...nope. YUCK.
Until next time...


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