Understanding ugly yarn, SMAT

I don't understand it. I am seeing some majorly, in my opinion, UGLY yarns online that have been hand-spun! I was taking a look online at some handspun yarns...and one yarn...oh...I cringed! It looked like someone took a handful of trash and spun it together! Why? I'm told it's called "punk" but I don't get the yarns with the extras in them (I'm talking HUGE things like scramble word tabs, charms...large plastic beads). IT'S HORRIFYINGLY UGLY! What can you possibly make from such yarn that you will be able to use? How do you even work with yarn with so much trash in it? Um and hello, if you don't like my opinions GO READ SOMETHING ELSE! I ain't here to please. I am here to tell it how it is, when it is, and how I see it. It's what blogs were made for.

I must have practical yarn because if I am gonna spend time on making something...I had better damned well better be able to actually USE it after I've put so much work into it.

Speaking of SMAT, I think I have been flaked. It's been a full TWO WEEKS past the send deadline of January 15th and no hand spun treasure for me. BAD SMAT PAL-BAD!! I sent some suggestions to the hostesses of this swap stating that next time it should be required that participants make contact with their secret pals at least three times-or more, so that we don't feel neglected and forgotten about. I've heard from mine, once...and never again. I hate being flaked. I hate flakes. If I can find out who flaked me, they will definitely be listed on the swappers blacklist as a flaker and thief. I followed the rules, I sent out in plenty of time...and I get nothing in return for playing nice. Grrrrr. I HATE FLAKES!

Until the next rant...

Ammendment: See next entry for explinations as to why I had not been contacted by the SMAT pal and my appologies to that Pal. I will not however be editing the entries (or prettying them up to PC standards) because this is a page in my history...no matter how far the foot in my mouth goes...

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