Mohair and I won another book!

I'm getting mohair fleece! I'm getting mohair fleece!! Yearly to kid grade (I guess it is inbetween) in white. YAY! It was priced special so I had to skip the new years resolution of use what I have, for this fantastic half off sale (which is over now, SORRY!). I'm getting a five pound fleece. Sweeeeeeet! Major fleece p0rn coming your way!! Keep an eye on my youtube.com channel (link on side bar). I plan on spinning fine thread from it and using it for card weaving if it is too course for knitting with because it takes color so well.

And, I won another book! How lucky is that?! I participated in the Unwound podcast listeners poll, and every month she puts everyone's name in a hat who calls, and draws out a lucky person to pick a book! I got this months and I picked Victorian Lace Today. Doing this lace wing of the moth shawl has wetted my appetite for more lace! This is a nice book too. My knittin friend purchased it at one of the local guild meetings and I looked through it with her. Pretty stuff in there.

I cannot find my handspun, knitted socks ANYWHERE! They've dissapeared! I could use them now that the temps are much-much colder, and there is lots of snow on the ground. I need new shoes, but I am not a shoe shoper. I hate braking in new shoes. Would rather wear what I have till they literally fall apart than brake in new shoes.

The brine shrimp seem to be thriving! I hope they keep growing! I need to clean out another container for the daphina coming. I think I will put the two surviving guppies in a new tank and use that take as the daphnia tank since it is full of algea. Then, when the new guppy tank as oodles of algea, I will switch them back to thier old tank...which should be spotless by the time the Daphnia are done with it!

Until next time...

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  1. Thanks for the mention. I can't wait to hear that review!


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