My Moth has hit a bump in the knitting road.

ACK-ACK-ACK! Moving right along...until *screeeeeeaaaaaaach!

If anyone has done this pattern and can help me...here is my problem on the reversed stockinette stitch between the pine cone and twin leaf patterns. Row 4.

What I have knitted: one stitch, a marker, a YO and 3 stitches before the new marker on one end (for a total of 4 sts), and on the opposite end, I have one stitch, a marker, TWO stitches, and the newly placed marker. Did I miss something? Should there be such a variance on the two ends?

Here is the line I followed:

"K1, *SM, YO, P4, PM, purl to one st before the next marker (which would be the one before the middle stitch) , PM, P1, YO, SM, * K1 (center st), REPEAT FROM * TO *, END K1"

The note says "stitches between new markers will be worked in the Twin Leaf pattern....stitches outside those markers will be worked in stockinette, with 3 sts on each long side in reverse stockinette to balance the lace pattern.

I have four sts on one long side end, and two on the other! ACK-ACK-ACK. I've emailed the maker of the pattern and the Wing of the Moth shawl...but...I am impatient to keep knitting! I am half done and I cannot wait till it is finished and I can show it off!

I am majorly confuzzled...

Until next time...

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