Need wieght loss suggestions, Rayovac ROCKS!

If anyone out there that reads this here blog, who is very over-weight, could suggest what I can do for a workout in the home (via DVDs), please let me know your suggestions. I have mild asthma, and when I push myself to walk up steep hills for a workout, I end up getting sick because I have to breath out of my mouth and I have to because I feel like I am suffocating. Yuck. I have some Sweatin to the Oldies...a couple kick-boxing things, and one ab workout but I am bored of them all. I need to loose some of the weight because my back as been complaining a lot...and it would be nice to be a little smaller. I need some that is easy on my knees, and doesn't require me to do fetal positions (cause you know that spare tire is in the way).

And Rayovac ROCKS! I had emailed them a couple weeks ago and asked if an older One-hour charger model that they made four or so years ago would handle charging the new, larger capacity 2800 batteries. They said that it would. Well, I tried it in good faith (thinking they knew more than I on the subject) and the newer batteries totally burned-out the old model. It smelled like burning electrical wire, and got unnervingly hot and all the while...made some kind of tinking sound that was not normal for it. So I emailed them back and told them this so that they would know for future reference. I also told them that we had to buy a new charger and that all we could find were the 3-4 hour chargers. I asked if they still made the one hour chargers...and apparently they do not. I guess it is not possible to charge the larger capacity batteries in such a short time without a fire hazard brewing in the charger.

What did Rayovac do upon hear that last part?

They apologized...and sent me a NEW charger-FREE without asking me if I wanted a new one (or me asking for one because I wasn't lookin for a freebie-I was just informing them), and it came today and it is the exact same model I purchased AND it has four new AA batteries in it!!! It it the Home and Mobile charger that comes with a lighter plug for charging on the go. Rayovac, YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!! Now we can charge twice as many batteries, and have one for the truck if we need it. *happy dance!* I've always been a Rayovac customer, mainly because they've been cheaper, but also because they were the first to come out with rechargeables those four or so years ago when I was in the market to buy them. Back then, the chargers were $30 but now they are significantly cheaper and a lot easier to find.

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  2. Mandie6:45 PM

    Hi again,
    I don't have any weightloss DVD's to suggest but this is what works for me - maybe you could modify it to suit?
    I'm a SAHM with 3 children, the youngest is 4 months old so I'm needing to shift the weight that found me whilst I was pregnant! I have a killer sweet tooth and need to be mindful of what goes in my mouth.
    So.....I drink copious amounts of water, a minimum of 2 litres a day. Everytime I'm hungry (apart from mealtimes) I have a big glass of water and wait 15 minutes to see if I'm still really hungry. Alot of the time what we think are hunger pangs are actually thirst pangs!
    I also put on my pedometer every morning and try and do 10,000 steps daily. Often times this means instead of making one trip with an armload of toys to the toyroom I make 10 trips with one toy at a time to get my step count up.You'll be suprised at how quickly you can make all those steps add up to 10,000!Sometimes if it isn't to hot we get out of the house and go for a 'real walk'.
    It's summer down here in Australia so I'm filling up on lots of green salad and a little bit of chicken or red meat...and more water!! I try really hard to stick to fruit or yoghurt for snacks between meals...and of course...more water!
    I hope you find some of this helpful :-)


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