SNOW!!! Growing Brine shrimp, sexist pigs...

OMG yay! sSNOW!!! Finally!

I walked in the snow today too. I first went down for my coffee...that was a workout, went to the store to get sweet potato, and pea baby food for my brine shrimp hatchlings. Then I walked ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way over to Mounds to get a new air pump as the one I had...didn't work when I went to plug it in last night. Argh! I got a bigger one so that I could use it for other things if need be, and so I would have it in the future.

Upon becoming a member of Live food for Fish mailing list (on a list serve or something) and asking if having a pump was really necessary, some sexist pig answers me, then proceeds to comment on my siggy line that says "I am standing up for woman's rights. Will you join me?" and it has a link to http://www.voice4choice.org/ .

Okay, brace yourselves woman because this pig is full of brimstone! He says and I do quote:

"And to answer your other question, I will not join you in "speaking out" for"women's rights." "Women's rights" is a code phrase for 'women's preference", and we already have too much of that."

WTF? First off it was in my siggy line, and second of all...it was rhetorical! Leave it up to a man to take something from the far left field personally and try to stir the shit pot with it by "casually" adding the comment. Typical. TMS (Typical Male Syndrome). Third, that sexist comment was anything but appropriate for this list (for raising live fish food) and I suggest if he wanted to fight over to join the appropriate list. I said, and I do quote:

"Actually (name omitted-because I am civil that way)...if you took the time to *read* the page the link took you too, it is about reproduction rights. As in "keep your laws off my body" kinda thing. Harboring anger are we? And being besides the point of this is far from the appropriate list to discuss such views on, that it is a rhetorical question and also apart of my signature line. Not a personal question to be answered-or used to stir the shit pot with (at least, not here). You don't have to like it."

Always someone out there waiting to stir the shit-pot because they ain't got a better life to attend to. You'd think there would be better things to do than to argue about opinionated, political views. Well I was a neutral as I could be...because I'd like to bash the man's head in because he ain't doing anyone any good with THAT ignorant attitude. I feel sorry for his wife...if he has one that would put up with him!! LMAO! Sheez.

Anyways...on to the pictures! This is my setup for the brine shrimp babies. The light is for heat and algae growth (hopefully). It is sitting on top of Zar's cage right next to the sun-lamp so that will help with heat too. That whole corner is warm because of the heat from the bulb in Zar's cage and the radiator down on the wall.

I am also starting some algae cultures in Zar's cage. His water dish is full of algae, so I just "seeded" the water with some of that. The jar on the left has a rock in it that will be placed in Skye's bowl for extra food (the Betta) and the one on the right is spring water from a natural spring right here in Madison (location is a secret-he-he-he). Then there is a bottle with a mixture of one cup water, and one teaspoon each of baby food pureed sweet potatoes and peas. I squirted enough of that in the water to just make it cloudy.
And last, but not least-a video. Entry would not be complete without a video!!

So I have spent a whole lot more than I had planned on this growing brine shrimp thing. It had better work out or I'll be pissed! HA!

Until next time...

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