Toe-Up socks done; The Starbucks Wishing Cup

YAY! It didn't take me very long to knit up these tow up socks. I like the square toe, and that is 18-20 stitches to start the socks with, and work those up to 30 (instead of my usual 32 on each needle because my gauge has loosened from knitting lace). And I thought I would add a picture of my Starbucks wishing cup. Cool story with this. This was the last cup with Wish on it at the local starbucks cafe. I had my eyes on it for several weeks but I was waiting for it to be reduced after Christas. It did and I snatched it! I place my spare change in here, for wishing, and when it gets full I plan to donate the spare change to my local library. By helping others, I am helping myself....right? I keep wishing for a drum carder...LOL!

I wanted to point out something on the heels for others who may be trying the after-thought heel. Try to pick up as few stitches as possible. The right hand sock I picked up 5 stitches on each side, the left, only 3 on each side. The one on the right has a flap and a bump because the heel did not decrease in size enough by the time it reached 2 inches (my prefered heel length). The left one did and has no such flap or bump. Cool aye? They don't match exactly, but who cares, they will be in my shoes! No world ending or sky falling here!

Until next time...

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