We have contact!

Well flippin -A- Man! My SMAT secret pal contacted me today, all upset because I was scolding about being flaked on this damned thang....or so I had thought. Turns out that there was an extension to the swap and I never got the email! She said the hostess had emailed everyone...apparently she missed a few. On top of that, I had emailed last week to check up on her, and the email never made it! ARGH! So now my thoughtful SMAT pal is upset and thinks I really don't give a rats ass about the yarn she spun. Understandable considering I am accusing her of flaking me. Well yeah, I do give a rats! Look at that yarn! It's beautiful! She sent me a picture and description:

"This yarn was inspired by the pagan interests of my swapee; it is called Triple Goddess.

This treasure is comprised of three skeins
Maiden Р(1 3/8 oz) Spindle spun Navajo ply of Merino & Tussah Silk in vibrant red, purple, blue, gold and cr̬me.
Mother – (1 3/8 oz) Hand-dyed BFL & Merino, Tussah Silk a two ply of the singles of the other two yarns.
Crone – (3 3/8 oz) Pale blue and green hand dyed BFL spun into a single "

OOOoh...how thoughtful! SO here I have been sittin, thinkin I had been flaked and bitchin about it too, and now I hear there was an extension on the mailing deadlines, AND the hostess I emailed never got back to me to let me know a gosh darned thing! ARGH! HOW FRUSTRATING! Now I done made my SMAT pal all pissed at me. Wonderful. Sassafrassin-blahmugflubber-butt! Heh...*twitch*

Today has been nothing but frustrating...one bad thing after another. You would think with two inches of fresh snow on the ground that people would SLOW DOWN on the roads! Hell no, not in Wisconsin were people have too much confidence in their cars. No car is safe in snow and ice, no matter what those car commercials tell you. So I have to dodge these dumb-asses who try to turn in front of me and then can't get out of the fuckin way because their tires are spinning in the snow! DUMB-ASSES! *twitch-twitch*

Then I get a certified letter from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (while I am trying to practice my self defense no less) saying I owe twice as much in state tax then they had originally told me I did last July! WTF? So I called them up, was told there was a wait time of 23 minutes, so I opted to leave a message. I requested that they send me an itemized sheet telling me the charges, fees, penalties and other what-have-you's they like to charge because last time I looked I didn't owe that much. Originally they told me I owed $250 (and this is from my employer not filing my W2 correctly when I started at Hobby Lobby and me never noticed that taxes weren't being taken out...save $12 worth for that year). So this mean old man calls me up and talks to me like I am an irritating gnat flying around his head bothering him. He tells me that I owe $150, and whatever is left from my tax return will be refunded to me. WTF!!? I've gotten three letters from the WDR, each time the amount I owe went up about another $100 till it was near $500! Did I call them on their shit by asking for a itemized list of charges? I asked if he was sure, and he repeated what he had already told me. Real nice. Take that stick and shove it up your ass some more cause I don't think it is up as far as it could go. So I said (now all this time I am trying to be nice to the man...lot of good it did) I want to make sure this is correct because I keep getting letters saying I owe different amounts and I don't want to be paying for someone elses mistakes again. He said that I would be getting another letter in the mail stating this final amount. I'll be sure to keep it in a safe and findable place because I have a feeling this will not be the last I will have to deal with them on this. *full out seizure*

So to my SMAT pal, whom I called BAD and a flaker...I'm so sorry things ran this way and I wish I had known there was an extension before now. Forgive me?

Until next time...


  1. I am not sure if you are in the same washcloth KAL that I am in but just to be sure, I am sending you this link because I have this feeling you will enjoy the patterns on this page as much as I do.

  2. I'm on the SMAT swap too, I had NO idea there was an extension....I haven't recieved a yarn OR even an email from my partner so I'm afraid I'm gonna get crap..

    you got LOVELY yarns, I was just looking at them tonight on the forum...you scored big time!

  3. Yeah Knitstress I love that site!

    Saints and Sinners, I told Flore that another person has come out of the woodwork to say they did not know about the extension either and had felt the same way as I and suggested they send it out again to make sure everyone gets it this time round. I'm sure there are others out there who are unawares of it.


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