Whew, what a weekend

Well I payed for shipping for my Smat pal through Click and ship and had the courier pick it up. That was convienent. I haven't heard from the lady I am sending too...I've sent her three ecards, and two emails. The ecards have yet to be picked up, and I have no word whether the lady is dead or alive. Hopefully alive because a package will be dawning her doorstep soon! I bought a few extras, some dyes and a book that was on her wishlist on Froogle. Hopefully that is up to date and I did not waste my money on the book.

I have not heard much of anything from MY Smat pal...I got one email...and nothing sense. Hopefully she is still alive and well too!

The Mystery Skien swap was a complete mess for a couple of days as I found out that someone (bitch) fucked with the database entries. You really cannot trust people online with anything! So I had to lock the databases and reenter a lot of information. To the one who did it, may you get yours in return ASAP!! Cursed foul creature!

I think everything is back in order now.....for now till the next fire comes up. Luckily I have some very helpful members who have jumped in to help sort through the madness. I had one lady get bitchy with me because I asked her to leave the group because she was not swapping. Oh boo hoo, it says right there on the homepage that the group is for PARTICIPANTS, not lurkers. Said I was a mean ol one and everyone else was nice in the group. I have many others to say otherwise, but her opinion be that....hers.

*sigh* I haven't mailed out the skien I was sending to a lady....yet. I have to get that packaged up and shipped. I've been too busy pouring water on the fires and trying to make sense of the madness.

The wing of the moth shawl is coming right along now. I had some doubts about starting the twin leaf pattern after all the pine cone I had done! But, the creater of the pattern said that everything on my needles was correct, and in seeing my stitch markers...fell in love with a set and order a set. Weeeeeeeeeee! So I made those up yesterday and those need to be shipped out too. *whew*

We have a new member of our pethold. A very pretty royal blue, turquoise with a touch of red on one fin-Betta. I bought a nice bowl setup for cheap and it has a red dragon-wings spread- and red gravel. It's very cool. I'll have to take some pictures later. We haven't named it yet...maybe Sky would suit it since it has such pretty blues.

I made up some potato soup for the guild meeting tonight. They are having a potluck. OH crap! I forgot I didn't put the ham in...well good thing I remembered!

I've been dealing with Laryngitus most of the weekend but I think it is getting better as it has moved out from my voice and into my head. Yippie....NOT. SQUEAK!

Until next time...

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  1. Hi CCW! I'm your SMAT recipient, and I got your package today. Thank you so very much! The yarn is lovely, and I'm so thrilled about the dyes! I apologize for not answering your nice cards; I've had the flu and have been barely able to move for some time! Still trying to get caught up at work and haven't had access to my aol account for a while. But I appreciate your kindness in sending the cards, and thank you for the goodies in the package! Blessings!


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